Radio Guinée is Back on Shortwave

9650 kHz.  Received in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

07-Aug-2016, Local Time: 7:04PM (2304 UTC)
Language: French

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus
Antenna: MFJ-1899T Whip (Roof top of my car)


I could not get an ID in my reception this time.  When I heard Radio Guinée on the same frequency last time (back in April), I was so excited about how strong the reception was and posted in my previous blog.  Unfortunately, the broadcast was not on the air again since my previous post.   It is really a good news that Radio Guinée is back!   In today’s reception, here in north New Jersey, it was a good signal around 6:30 – 7:00 PM ET (2230-2300 UTC), but the signal was getting weaker after 7:10 PM.  Using a logging function of Perseus, I plotted the signal strength during this time range.



Radio Guinée

9650kHz – Received via Remote Perseus server in France.  0050UTC, 16-Apr-2016.

Very strong signal and lovery African music…


It was also a nice signal here in NJ using my car shortwave radio !

Received at Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.  0159UTC (10:59PM ET), 16-Apr-2016

Using BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio with 2′-whip antenna.

Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Mali

5995 kHz.  Received at Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

24-Jun-2015, Local Time  07:47-08:02 PM  (2347-0002 UTC)

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus      Antenna: Small magnetic loop (Delta-Loop 9) set at hotel balcony.

In my previous experiences I sometimes saw a weak carrier signal on this frequency but always unable to hear any modulation.  This time I received a good signal playing nice exotic music.  In the following video (edited into 3-min long), I occasionally hear some phrases but cannot recognize language (likely French, but help appreciated.  At 00:37 in the following video, the speech sounds like “Radio Mali…”  ).  It ends with the Mali national anthem before signing off.

Sudan Radio (2)

7205 kHz.  Received at Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

12-Jun-2015, Local Time – 10:57PM (0257UTC), Language: Arabic

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus,    Antenna: MFJ-1899T Whip (Roof top of my car)

So strong signal every night !         *Video is edited.

Voice of Nigeria – DRM (2)

15120 kHz DRM.  Received in Alpine, New Jersey, USA.

17-May-2015  Local Time – 3:57 PM (1957 UTC)  Language: English

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus

Antenna:  MFJ-1899T Whip antenna on the roof top of my car

Decoding Software:  DREAM

The final part of the English program.  Very nice signal and good de-modulation!

In the following Perseus spectrum, other strong peaks include BBC via Ascension (15105 kHz), Radio Japan via France (15130 kHz), and Radio Sultanate of Oman (15140 kHz).