“Propagation” Ed. 5 Released!

This year too, Totsuka DXer’s Circle (TDXC), a local SWL/DXing club in Yokohama Japan, has published a 157-page club journal “PROPAGATION.”    This is the 5th edition as TDXC previously published once per year since 2013.  The journal is now downloadable in PDF format for FREE to everybody!   Please be advised that this journal is written in Japanese in most pages, but there are so many pictures that give you idea how they enjoy the hobby.  Some pages are also written in English.

The follwoing contents are just a part of this year’s edition.

  • US-JA joint DX-pedition to Oregon Cliff
  • Radio tour to Lima, Peru
  • Equipment and camping goods for MW DX-pedition
  • Visit report of local communty FM stations
  • Detailed report on Flag Antenna
  • Test reports on small loops and bar antenna for MW DXing
  • Old-day DXing life
  • Each club member’s unique DXing activity

If you are interested in the “PROPAGATION” journal, visit the following site to download.


Radio Malabo (Presumed) 2

5250 kHz. Received in northern New Jersey, USA.

27-July-2016, 2251 UTC (6:51 PM Local Time)   Language: Spanish and others

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus   Antenna: MFJ-1899T whip

In the following video, at 00′ 30″ , I hear the announcement like “Radio Malabo” but I am not sure if it is in Spanish or not.  Can anybody take dictation for me?

Radio Malabo (Presumed)

5250 kHz. Received in northern New Jersey, USA.

27-July-2016, 0112 UTC (9:12 PM Local Time)   Language: Spanish

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus   Antenna: MFJ-1899T whip

Can anybody explain what the Spanish talk is saying about?  Otherwise they kept playing African music.

RAE (Argentina) via WRMI

Received in Fort Lee, NJ, on 26-June-2017 at 6:32PM Eastern Time (2232 UTC). 11580kHz.

Receiver:  BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio

Antenna: Whip

RAE, which has been broascasting in Japanese langurage for a very long time, is the most difficult station for SWLs in Japan to receive.  Now it is transmitted via WRMI, and can be heard with a very strong signal, at least in USA.

DR Radio (Denmark)

243 kHz.  Received in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
5-May-2017,  5:58 AM-Local Time (0358 UTC)   Language: Danish
Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus
Antenna: BCL-LOOP 12 Rev.5  (Indoor)

I encountered this station when I was traveling Amsterdam last week.  This kind of “real” interval signal reminds me of my old days when I listened to so many shortwave stations in the world.