BCL Audio Clips in Puerto Rico

Received in Puerto Rico – Central America during my bisuness trip in May 2018.


This time Medium Wave only, as Shortwave was not in a good condition.


Local Stations !



The following is a light DXing…

Reception Data:

Received in San Juan, PR.

WIPR 940kHz 1-May-2018 0000UTC (Local 8:00PM)
WSKN 1320kHz  1-May-2018 0000UTC (Local 8:00PM)
WGIT 1660kHz  1-May-2018 0000UTC (Local 8:00PM)
WBMJ 1190kHz  1-May-2018 0000UTC (Local 8:00PM)
WUNO 630kHz  1-May-2018 0900UTC (Local 5:00AM)
WPAB 550kHz  1-May-2018 0859UTC (Local 4:59AM)
WIAC 740kHz  30-Apr-2018 2359UTC (Local 7:59PM)
WCMA 1600kHz  1-May-2018 0000UTC (Local 8:00PM)


Radio ABC 540kHz   1-May-2018 0959UTC (Local 5:59AM)
ZBVI 780kHz   1-May-2018 0959UTC (Local 5:59AM)
National Voice of Bahamas 1540kHz  1-May-2018 1000UTC (Local 6:00AM)


Language: Spanish, English
Receiver:  Microtelecom Perseus
Antenna:  Small Loop with BCL-LOOP Ver. 13 amplifier (at hotel balcony).


WDHP (U.S. Virgin Islands)

1620 kHz.  Received at Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

24-Jun-2015, Local Time – 11:06 PM  (0306 UTC), Language: English

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus      Antenna: Small magnetic loop (Delta-Loop 9) inside a hotel room.

Station ID and jingle, then playing a Caribbean version of Phil Collins’ One More Night ?

Voice of Guyana

3290 kHz.  Received at Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico.

30-Apr-2015, Local Time – 4:00 AM  (0800 UTC), Language: English, Hindi, etc.

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus      Antenna: Small magnetic loop (BCL-LOOP 9.0) inside a hotel room.

National anthem, then followed by opening announcement and music program.

HCJB – La Voz de Los Andes (Ecuador)

6050 kHz.  Received at Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

21-Apr-2014, Local Time – 4:27 AM (0827 UTC), Language: Quechua

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus   Antenna: Delta Loop-X (Balcony)

Opening folk music, then the Ecuador national anthem, followed by opening ID.

By the way, HCJB in Quito Ecuador used to broadcast in Japanese language and it became one of the most popular shortwave broadcasts among listeners in Japan.  The Japanese broadcast from Quito was closed in December 2000, but revived in 2006 from Australia.  However, I still love Sanjuanito coming from HCJB-Quito!