Winter Seaside DX Camping

At Chigasaki-City (about 50km southwest of Tokyo) Japan – Pacific Ocean side camping site.  The event was conducted on 12-13 January 2020 by Totsuka DX Circle (TDXC), based in Yokohama Japan.

Antenna:  TDDF (Twisted Double Delta Flag)

Many Australian stations were received on MW.

(Video Data)
5055kHz  4KZ (Innisfail QLD / 1.2kW) 1759 JST
1548kHz  4QD (Emerald QLD / 50kW) 0300 JST
1116kHz  4BC (Brisbane QLD / 17kW) 0259 JST
1530kHz  2VM (Moree NSW / 2kW) 0400 JST
1656kHz  2MM (Darwin NT / 0.4kW) 2334 JST
1665kHz R. Rhythm (Brisbane QLD / 0.4kW) 0001 JST
1575kHz VOA-Thailand (Bangkok / 1000kW) 2301 JST
5040kHz R. Vanuatu (Port Vila) 1835 JST


“PROPAGATION” Ed. 7 published!

Totsuka DXers Circle (TDXC), a local SWL/DXing club in Yokohama Japan, has published annual club e-magazine “PROPAGATION” Ed.7.   Yes, this is the 7th edition as TDXC previously published once per year since 2013.  This year it has over 200 pages!  The e-magazine is now downloadable in PDF format for FREE to everybody.   Please be advised that this journal is written in Japanese in most pages, but there are so many pictures that give you idea how they enjoy the hobby.  Some pages are also written in English.




The follwoing contents are just a part of this year’s edition.

  • Reports of DXpedition /  DX-camping
  • Travel reports along with radio (including “Ultralight DXing in Hong Kong” by Gary DeBock, in English)
  • Visit to HCJB Quito
  • Expert interviews
  • Radio/receivers/antenna reviews
  • How to make common-mode chokes to avoid noise
  • Meeting with a famous radio personality
  • Gourmet report – nice cuisines for radio listeners

If you are interested in the “PROPAGATION” , visit the following site to download. Previous editions are also still available.

MW DX Camping

I had a chance to enjoy a seaside DX camping with local DXers club members.  Actually, this is my first time to experience this kind of “DX-pedition.”  I was so surprized to catch such a very strong signals from the Philippines, Australia, and other Asian-Pacific stations on medium wave here in Japan.


Location of Reception:  Chigasaki-City (about 50 km southwest of Tokyo), Japan

1512kHz DYAB  4:57 AM – Japan Time, 11-Feb-2019

1530kHz DZME 4:56 AM – Japan Time, 11-Feb-2019

1611kHz DWNX 4:51 AM – Japan Time, 11-Feb-2019

1548kHz  4QD  3:29 AM – Japan Time, 11-Feb-2019

1008kHz RRI – Madiun  1:58AM – Japan Time, 11-Feb-2019

Antenna:  Twisted Double Delta Flag



Japan Radio Museum (Matsumoto, Japan)

I had a chance to visit Japan Radio Museum, which is located in Matsumoto-city, Nagano-prefecture, Japan.  To be honest, I am a little bit surprized that this museum is not located in Tokyo, but in a local city.  It is about 3 hrs from Tokyo (Shinjuku Station) by express train, but half-hour shorter if you take a bullet train via Nagano-city.  (The train line in the following map is just for example and please consult travel agencies to find out your best route to Matsumoto-city)


The museum is located in an area with many traditional gift shops that are attractive to tourists.  Historical places such as Matsumoto Castle are also close.


Front2 Front 3

The admission fee is JPY 500.  They have so many contents that are quite exciting for radio hobbyists.

Vintage Radio 2

↑ ↓ Vintage radios before/during WWII.

Vintage Radio

↓ Radios in the very beginning.  They had to use a large battery as power source instead of AC line.


↓ In the very beginning, people in Japan had to get a permission from government  in order to even “receive” (not only transmitting) radio broadcasts.  Each radio equipment had to be registered.  The following document is such example.  It does not seem that the government issued callsign (or SWL number lol) for receiving station, though.


↓ The first FM tuner in Japan, made by Kasuga Radio Co., which later became TRIO.  They made it for RadioShack in USA, branding “REALISTIC”.


↓ Relatively newer models


↓ Not too vintage but portable TV sets of older time.  The SONY model (top middle) still looks cool.

Vintage TV

↓ Did you know that the first LCD pocket color TV in the world was not from SONY, but from EPSON?

Epson TV

↓ Of course, the shortwave gears are there!


The museum is two-story, and on the second floor, they exhibits radios by selected category for limited period.  Currently they are showing “Fun Radios” until 11th of January 2019.

↓ Beverage radios.  Note that those cans have telescopic antenna.

Biverage Radio

↓ Toy radios.

Toy Radio

↓ Puppy radio, to make your girl friend happy.



Through the visit, I found that this museum is definitely a “must-go” place for radio hobbyists from all over the world!


Japan Radio Museum

2-4-9 Chuo, Matsumoto-city, Nagano-pref., 390-0811 JAPAN.

Their official English site is: