Tokyo Ham Fair 2017

September 2-3, 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight….



Preparing the booth of Japan Shortwave Club.

Booth Preparation


Show starts!





JT65 lovers.



Magnetic loop antennas…







Icom’s prototype model IC-9700, which is a tribander of 2m-70cm-1.2GHz.



Japan Shortwave Club Booth




Another SWL booth “BCL is the King of Hobby” hosted by Asuka Sekiyama.  He organizes “Akihabara BCL Club” (ABC) and has issued its first publication journal “ABC 50’s,” where I also contributed a chapter.










A D-STAR Booth


Another D-STAR booth.



ID-31s are now Plus model.






Perhaps a unique point in the Tokyo Ham Fair is that many singers and personalities contribute the show.  They are of course hams.

JARD promotes “e-Learning” system to obtain an operator license.  Presentation given by Momoka Matsuda (actess, JI1NYO).




Live show of Masaco (singer-songwriter, JH1CBX) and Kaori Mita (traditional singer, JI1BTL).  Kaori also hosts a radio program “CQ Ham For Girls” in a local FM station.



Chanson singer Sayoko Aoki (JJ3WWS).  She also used to be a radio personality for such as long-run program “FM Variety,” as well as some radio shows for hams.



“Theme-song singer” Maiko Watabe (JJØSDQ) singing a theme song of a radio program for hams, with a dancing costume character Watamai-chan, who has just obtained (surprisingly) a callsign of JJ1FUL.




See you all again next year!


RAE (Argentina) via WRMI

Received in Fort Lee, NJ, on 26-June-2017 at 6:32PM Eastern Time (2232 UTC). 11580kHz.

Receiver:  BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio

Antenna: Whip

RAE, which has been broascasting in Japanese langurage for a very long time, is the most difficult station for SWLs in Japan to receive.  Now it is transmitted via WRMI, and can be heard with a very strong signal, at least in USA.

Bye Bye Sitkunai (Via Uzbekistan)

9875 kHz.  Received in Niigata, Japan.

16-Apr-2017,  9:00 PM-Local Time (1200 UTC)   Language: English

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus

Antenna: AAA-1 Small Loop (Indoor)


This program was for a memory of the shortwave transmission from Lithuania that was closed recently.  The signal was very strong in Japan as it was transmitted by 100 kW from Tashkent.  I used to listen to Radio Vilnius on shortwave in 1970-80s.   Their English program was nicely received in Japan in the daytime, presumably via Radio Moscow’s network.  Of course I got the following QSL card.


Radio Amhara (Ethiopia)

6090 kHz.  Received in Niigata, Japan.

20-Feb-2017,  5:59 AM-Local Time (2059 UTC)   Language: Amharic

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus

Antenna: AAA-1 Small Loop (Indoor)

The video is the ending part of their broadcast.  ID sounds like “Yeh  ye-Amara Radio” (perhaps meaning “This is Radio of Amhara”).  There is some interference from CRI on the same frequency.  Their local music actually sounds very similar to Japanese traditional falk music.  I want to let people there listen to our music and hear their impression some day!

Radio Munansi (Broadcasting to Uganda, via WWRB)

15240 kHz.  Received in northern New Jersey, USA.

10-Dec-2016, Local Time – 1:05 PM  (1805 UTC)   Language: Unknown (Luganda?)

Receiver: BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio   Antenna: Whip

After sign-on, African music is continuously played for about 2 hrs and then suddenly Ugandan national anthem starts, followed by talk program in local language (sometimes I heard English speech as well).  The talk sounds like a lecture and the word “Uganda” is heard many times.  The following record is the national anthem and beginning of a talk program.  By the way, what does “Munansi” mean?

Voice of Hope – Africa (Zambia)

13680 kHz.  Received in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

26-Nov-2016, Local Time – 10:40-12:00   (1540-1700 UTC)   Language: English

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus    Antenna: MFJ-1899T Whip (Roof top of my car)

Nice signal here in Northern NJ during the late morning.   The following video was made by picking up IDs and the closing announcement.  FYI, the big signal on the right (13695kHz) is The Overcomer Ministry via WRMI.

Voice of Amara Radio (Broadcasting to Ethiopia)

15360 kHz.  Received in Edgewater, New Jersey, USA.

19-Nov-2016, Local Time – 12:00   (1700 UTC)   Language: Amharic

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus    Antenna: MFJ-1899T Whip (Roof top of my car)

Opening ID sounds like “Yeh Yamara Dimitsi Radyo New” (meaning This is Amhara Voice Radio).

A jamming came up at about 3 minutes after s/on (not recorded).