Radio Guinée is Back on Shortwave

9650 kHz.  Received in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

07-Aug-2016, Local Time: 7:04PM (2304 UTC)
Language: French

Receiver: Microtelecom Perseus
Antenna: MFJ-1899T Whip (Roof top of my car)


I could not get an ID in my reception this time.  When I heard Radio Guinée on the same frequency last time (back in April), I was so excited about how strong the reception was and posted in my previous blog.  Unfortunately, the broadcast was not on the air again since my previous post.   It is really a good news that Radio Guinée is back!   In today’s reception, here in north New Jersey, it was a good signal around 6:30 – 7:00 PM ET (2230-2300 UTC), but the signal was getting weaker after 7:10 PM.  Using a logging function of Perseus, I plotted the signal strength during this time range.



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