Car Shortwave Radio (2)

I was routinely listening to Radio Australia and other stations using BST-1 Car Shortwave Radio with my PBA-MLA4 Mini-Whip antenna in the morning time during my commute.  In my commute route there are a few particular points where I am suffering from MW station interference.

I have just obtained another whip antenna that was developed by the same manufacturer of BST-1.  It is a 2-feet mobile whip antenna that looks quite normal.


Then I tried it today.  The performance was actually much better than the Mini-Whip.   There was no interference from MW stations.    It was also interesting that when I tried these two antennas for Perseus SDR, the Mini-Whip peformed significantly better than this 2-feet whip.  It seems that the design of BST-1 is optimized for this whip antenna.


WWCR  12160kHz  (The video is just a demonstration and not a comparison of the antenna)

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