Testing Amplifiers for Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

I recently purchased a BCL-LOOP Ver. 11, an amplifier for small magnetic loop antenna.  This was developed by The Hokushin Electronic Service in Japan (Sorry their website is only in Japanese).  The amplifier comes as assembled PCB, and I put into a small plastic enclosure.

BCL_Loop11 BCL_Loop11inCase

Please note that the enclosure is not intended for outdoor use this time, and I wanted to compare its performance with other amplifiers, by using an identical indoor small loop element (triangular, 1 meter each side).


The following video is when I received Radio Nacional da Amazonia on 11780kHz and every 15 seconds I switched amplifiers:  ∆-LOOP-X (developed by Mr. Kageyama, Japan.  See also this page) → BCL-LOOP 11 → AAA-1B (developed by LZ1AQ, Bulgaria) → then back to ∆-LOOP-X.  ∆-LOOP-X was in non-tunable mode.

To be honest, I did not feel significant differences between the amplifiers when I listened by ear, but on the spectrum, BCL-LOOP Ver. 11 showed lower noise floor than others.

5 responses to “Testing Amplifiers for Small Magnetic Loop Antenna

  1. Hi,
    I have interest for this BCL-Loop11 Amplifier.
    Can you explain me, if you have purchase this from Japan. I cannot contact the manufacturer.
    Can you give contact Details?
    Thank you.


    • Hi Fernando.
      The developer of BCL-Loop posted in his blog (in Japanese) that he got an inquiry from Switzerland and just responded. I presume it is you, correct? Please let me know if you need further help.


  2. I found your loop antenna amplifier comparison very interesting since have contemplated purchasing a AAA-1. What loop antenna type was used in your tests?

    You must have a very noisy location. The lowest noise level noted on your video was about -115 dB with the AAA-1. At my location in Ohio suburb, with my Perseus and an attic mounted dipole which is 75 feet from a high voltage power transmission line finds a noise level of -118 at noon on 11720 KHz. Don’t find the station at 11780 kHz, perhaps because of the time of day.

    Not sure if a loop antenna with a low noise amp would really help me pull in weak stations.


    • You are correct, my location is terribly noisy, as it is a room of a hugh apartment complex. I just wanted to compare some different amplifiers, but to be honest, the amplifiers I tested did not give significant differences. It is true that location (i.e. noisiness) is very much critical and important, rather than amplifier. The loop element I used was something in my picture in my blog text. It was set inside my apartment room.


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