Now Downloadable!! : “PROPAGATION” – An annual journal from a SWL/DXing club in Japan

Totsuka DXer’s Circle (TDXC), a local SWL/DXing club in Yokohama Japan, has published a 145-page club journal called “PROPAGATION.”  This is the 3rd edition as TDXC previously published once per year in 2013 and 2014 as well.  All three editions are now downloadable in PDF format for FREE!   This is a club journal originally to be circulated to the club members, but they are open to public to share with other radio hobbyists.  Please be advised that this journal is written in Japanese.  However, as there are many pictures and some parts and some words are in English, you can get idea how Japanese DXers / SWLs enjoy their hobby.  By the way, in Japan, the term “BCL” (= Broadcasting Listener) is commonly used, rather than the word “SWL.”

The follwoing contents are just a part of this year’s edition.

  • DX-pedition report to Shakotan (northern Japan)
  • Ultralight DXing
  • Visit report to radio stations in the Philippines
  • Test reports for a small loop antenna and a small rotator
  • Old-day BCL life
  • Local meeting reports and discussions on everybody’s unique BCL activity

If you are interested in the “PROPAGATION” journal, visit the following site to download.



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