Soft66RTL2, a Tiny SDR

Since it was introduced in a previous “Shortwave Radio Hangout,” I purchased a small SDR called Soft66RTL2, that is only $46 including shipping cost from Japan to US.

It arrived just in one week after I ordered through eBay.  Its case coloring actually reminds me of Perseus.


I tried it in my SWLing in my car, when I received Radio Japan via France on 15130 kHz, at 1907 UTC in Northern New Jersey, USA, with MFJ-1899T whip antenna on the roof top of car.  In the following video, initial half for 30 seconds is by using Soft66RTL2, and another 30-second is after switched to Microtelecom Perseus using the same antenna.  In the spectrum, Voice of Nigeria DRM on 15120 kHz and Radio Sultanate of Oman on 15140 kHz are also seen.  Note that the frequency is indicated as the original frequency plus 50 MHz for Soft66RTL2, as it uses up-converter in its system. (Later I reallized that HDSDR has an offset function to reduce this 50MHz from the desplay)

It seems Perseus still gave a better S/N in this occasion, but for casual listening the tiny one is working pretty nicely regarding this price (and also covering VHF band!).

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